Build a Highly Profitable Bariatric Business

Without Burnout
Increase Your Profit Margin by 7+ figure

With over 20years experience consulting within the Bariatric World as a Dietitian, working with multiple surgeons and clinics, I completely understand both yours and our clients needs.   Within 4 weeks, I will create and install your Bariatric Clinic with the required systems to instantly reduce your clinical workload by 50% and double to triple your direct consultancy income instantly.  This will further progress to an increased profit margin of a 7+ figure within 12months.  All the work will be done for you.  You can sit back and enjoy the reduced workload and an increased income.


As a specialist in your field, your consultations can become very repetitive and fatiguing.  As your case load increases, it becomes harder to manage all your patients, and your workload intensifies too much.

The time and costs associated with managing staff turn over.  Clients failure to attend appointments and loss to follow up, is lost direct and passive income into your business.  You likely do not have systems in place to attract new referrals automatically, hence not needing staff involvement.

It’s Time To Stop Making These Costly Mistakes 

How much is your online presence costing you new referrals?

Attractive and glossy looking websites do not guarantee an influx of enquiries. What is the goal of your website?  It must be more than just information sharing.  This is described an expensive brochure.  Communication to your ideal customer to quickly and clearly answer their key questions is crucial.

Are you still only offering consultations on an individual basis?
  • There is an absolute cap to the potential of your income, as you only get paid for your direct time spent with the patient. Your business’s income can’t be scaled by 7+ figure
  • It is time intensive, which will lead to clinical and personal burnout
  • As a specialist, the core information each patient must be informed of, creates a strong repetitive element to your clinical consultations.  This will lead to clinical burnout.
  • There is a limit to the number of patients you can physically consult, hence limiting your potential income
  • There is a limit to how many patients you and your clinic can manage long term adequately, leading to patient loss to follow up, leading to loss of income
  • If associates or staff members leave your clinic, they require time intensive training to become part of the team and relay a consistent message to the patients.  This will cost your business time and money.

You may be of the opinion, that the classic medical model, is the only way a patients individual needs can be met satisfactorily.   The value and importance of personal care provided to the patient pre and post their weight loss surgery, is completely undisputed and necessary.

However,  the classic medical model, makes it absolutely impossible to support your patients at every step.  As a result, their engagement with the clinic is reduce and lost.  The patients progress and results long term are certainly compromised.

This will lead to loss of patient follow up and loss of the patient to your clinic.  For you, this is a loss of a major additional, passive recurring income stream, to your business to scale your business.

Dissatisfied patients, will not refer their family members and friends to your clinic.  The impact; an increased marketing budget and your staffs online social media efforts, to attract, engage and obtain new patient referrals.  Never under estimate the importance and power of word of mouth referrals.

With over twenty years of experience in consulting and caring for thousands of weight loss surgery patients.  I can guarantee you one thing.  Often the patient feels that once they have paid and had surgery, the attention they receive is suddenly dropped to nothing or a minimum.

This is the problem, of just utilizing the classic medical model in your practice.  It just cannot manage your patients in a comprehensive manner.

Not having multiple income streams entering your Bariatric Practice

Your Bariatric Practice has the potential for a minimum six different income streams to be utilized your business.  A number of these can constitute passive income therefore not taxing your team or expenses, rather just contribute to your profit margins. Solely utilizing direct patient consultation and surgical income as healthy as this may be, is holding back your potential income considerably.

Imagine how different your lifestyle could be, by working fewer hours and increasing your profit margins?

As a surgeon your expertise is to perform surgery and guide your patients medically to a full and safe recovery, post their weight loss surgery.

My expertise has been educating our Bariatric Clients, via different methods.  These include on an individual basis (in person and telehealth) , group programs (in person and online – for pre, post and long term post surgery), chat forums, self directed online educational videos and programs , automated and direct email support.  Over these 20+ years I have perfected this unlimited support Bariatric Program, provided on a part time basis, with over 60 new patients a month on an unlimited support basis.

Market research has guided the successful development of this program, with a 90% patient retention rate and clear preference over just individual appointments.

To Grow Your Highly Profitable Bariatric Practice, Without Burnout

There are three options to choose from as highlighted below


Helen will create and build your personalized Online Bariatric System for your business, completed within 4 weeks.  At present Helen is accepting a maximum of 5 clinics as part of a case study with a considerable discount.


The Bariatric Business Blue Print book, will explain how to attract your ideal patient, service them to provide unlimited support and how to increase your income streams to scale your business


Helen will provide individually tailored coaching to guide you step by step how to implement the 3 step Online Bariatric System into your practice.  To discuss further  book a coaching call  or  contact Helen directly