With over 20 years experience working in the weight loss surgery industry, I have gained an extremely intimate understanding of this patient profile, pre, post and long term after weight loss surgery.

Initially a patient would come to clinic with very little knowledge.  This is when weight loss surgery initially began.  There were no Facebook forums, lifestyle books, cook books, friends of family to share experiences from.  The patients relied on the medical team.

It did no take long, before there was a shift.  A shift towards patients entering the clinic “well researched” from all the Facebook forums, lifestyle books, cook books, friends of family.  Most books being written by individuals who had weight loss surgery themselves.  I believe containing inaccurate information.  Unfortunately, a false sense of knowledge, rendered many future patients inadequate experts, respectively.  It becomes harder to encourage patients to come back to clinic, for ongoing care because of the wide world of web, time and cost.

The consequence of this for the patient, is that they do not obtain the best care and results possible.  Often leading to weight regain and loss of confidence in themselves and possibly the clinic.

From a Bariatric Clinics perspective, the loss of patient to follow up is a major problem as the patient seeks solutions and support elsewhere.  From a financial perspective, patient loss to follow up is lost direct income and future recurring passive income streams to increase in your business’s profit margins without performing more surgeries and avoiding burnout.

The benefit of working for such a long time in the weight loss surgery industry, working with over 6 Bariatric Clinics, it has provided me with the opportunity to perfect the 3 Step Online Bariatric System, to help support your Bariatric Business by:

  • Reducing your clinical workload and make more money
  • Achieve 90% patient retention rate
  • Improve your teams efficiency and profitability in managing the patients ongoing care

In providing such specialized Business Coaching support, I do believe it is essential to stay connected to the patients and for this reason I thoroughly enjoy continuing working with Bariatric patients on a daily basis.

I have perfected a system that respectively demonstrates to the patients the gaps in their knowledge in a tactful manner.  This is the quickest and easiest way to gain their respect and want to stay connected to the clinic.

The classic medical model of individual consultations only is outdated and is completely insufficient.  An online automated support bariatric program is essential to cover every basis of the bariatric patients care, pre, post and long term.

It has been a very rewarding journey to personally get to the point, where I can now implement this opportunity into your business also.

In addition below you can observe some consultancy relationships, self published resources and presentation on Foxtel for the lifestyle show Living Life Now  and some bariatric clips produced for Allergan.