Over the past 20years, I have conducted a very successful dietetic private practice.  I have personally gone through the trials and tribulations of training and managing associates to help manage the client load.  By the time they were trained up, they were soon off running their own practice.  It just took too much of my time and energy and I wanted more for my clients and my personal lifestyle balance.

I needed a solution which enabled me to manage my patient load with my highly successful technique  on my own.  


The solution came when I automated my health business on line, which I use in two manners:

  1. I combine my individual consultations in my clinic, with online coaching in an automated manner
  2. Clients are only educated online with the virtual program alongside online group education

After many years of perfecting the system, I have been able to:

  1. provide a greatly improved service to my clients in a group setting and still meet their individual needs
  2. work on a part time basis, with a nice balanced lifestyle of work and play
  3. pre-educate my clients online and then address questions during their individual consultation.  This has significantly reduced my workload and meets my clients needs beyond just consulting in the clinic.
  4. get pre paid for my consultations

It is now time to share my 15 years experience and knowledge to help you reach your vision of achieving your automated health business online and obtain the lifestyle goals you deserve and want.

Over the years, I have worked with a number of organizations. Worked on the Living Life Now Foxtel TV lifestyle show (videos below), authored multiple books and produced a series of DVDs, created a diabetes education paper based and online education program.  I have also created a  virtual online program for two other business’s  Personal Training Business, Your Skins Nutrition Business