To create your unique program and achieve better client outcomes, resulting in increased referrals.

So you work fewer hours and the computer software, continues to support your clients transformation.

By incorporating online programs into your practice, increasing your fee and passive income.

Discover the 7 STEPS To Your Online Health Program

Automate Your Business Online in 60 Days
  • For any online program to be successful, it needs to be presented in an engaging manner that successfully helps the individual create change in their lifestyle and make them feel as though you are talking to them directly in the comfort of their own home.  This is the purpose of the 60day program.  To help you successfully create this connection with your client online just like in person.
Your Practice Is More Than A Clinic — It’s A Transformation Catalyst For Your Community.  This is your opportunity to make it happen
  • Successful practices owners, adapt to the constant changing environment.  COVID has created the necessity to innovate, learn new skills while being supported and create an online coaching health business. Or you will be left behind.  Your clients are now familiar and accustomed to the online world.
  • This is where you can combine your individual consultations in the clinic or telehealth with online package programs. This will enable to help more clients at a deeper level.
  • However, you can only achieve this by creating a systemised education model on line, that educates, supports and creates change in your clients, in addition to your direct individual consultation. This will only take you 60dys.
Helen provided practical, easy-to-follow guidance that I could apply immediately to help create a growth in my private practice business. She is very approachable, down to earth and has lots of knowledge on how to fast-track your business growth. I would certainly recommend her services.  Thanks Ola Luczak

Thanks for your generosity with the time. You have a unique skill set and I came away inspired. I need a couple of weeks off now to action everything!  Thanks Jocelyn Clarke 

Helen’s work shop was informative very inspiring and helpful. After the workshop, we felt motivated to implement all the great ideas for our business. Thank you for your time Helen.  Regards, Ebru and Brett