Preventing COVID-19 from strangling the life out of your health business, is a reality.

 Look beyond just the brick and mortar traditional business.

 Combining online support to your current care, will help you survive and even thrive during these unprecedent times.

 How is this possible?

 By offering automated online coaching programs, you actually can better service your clients and help them reach their goals faster in a more time efficient manner.  Online pre recorded videos from your expert knowledge, will guide your clients on how to improve their overall health.

Lets use a health coach as one example.  The coach can ask the individual to watch a particular series of videos from home, that will extend their knowledge and help progress them closer to their personal transformation.  At the next individual appointment, the health coach can then add additional content or consolidate the learnt knowledge and problem solve further, to help the client evolve to the best version of themselves. 

From the health coaches perspective:

  • your work load has just reduced because the consultations do become less demanding
  • your clients view you more of an expert/authority figure because of the thoroughness of your coaching, this will increase referrals to you
  • your income increases because you can charge more with a package program rather than just an individual consultation

You may in fact be questioning the suggestion of charging more, during these difficult economic times.  The solution, is all about providing such a value stacked program, the price is not questioned by the client.  The client typically would request a clarification of the services you offer.

Automated online coaching will help you survive COVID, as you instantly create an international opportunity for yourself and your health business.