The 7 Key Benefits Of Your Online Coaching Program is:


(1)  The patient education and support begins immediately on booking, prior to seeing the doctor

(2)  Reduces the risk of losing a new client

(3)   Doctor provides individual medical advice during first appointment and clarifies patient questions, from viewing the videos

(4)  Eliminates the repetitive information the Doctor must discuss with each new client

(5)  Reduces doctors consultation load and time

(6)  Pre payment of an increased initial consultation fee

(7)  Eliminate patients failing to attend appointments



(1)  Increase the over all surgical fee, due to the online coaching program, with an annual fee for ongoing access

(2)  Reduce workload of reception staff, in managing patients post surgery

(3)  Minimize impact of staff turnover, regarding managing patient needs

(4)  The online education program can be used as a stand alone or in conjunction with the current allied health team associated with the Doctors to manage the patients pre, post and long term

(5)  Improves patient retention, compliance and results

(6)  Provides support in an automated manner, reducing clinical workload

Additional Support Provided By Helen Bauzon, To Help Grow Your Business includes:

(1) training staff how to easily use the online weight loss surgery coaching program within the clinic
(2) train the medical and allied health team how to educate from one to one, to, one to many online.
(3)  provide social media marketing strategies to help increase new new patient referrals
(4)  provide feedback on your website to help increase new patient referrals
(5)  pre written email templates for your staff to cut and paste into an email program to deliver correctly times support to your patients journey pre and post surgery
(6)  Provide access to membership site for education on adding additional content to the online coaching program
(7)  12 months business coaching support via live zoom meetings fortnightly

After seeing My Surgeon on 5 Feb 20, I was somewhat in shock and didn’t know what to expect, after making contact with yourself i was put at ease, you sent me the required info to help prep me for before and after surgery, that in itself was very valuable with the information provided both written and media, your information package was easy to read and understand, without this i would’ve been lost and under prepared for surgery.

After surgery i was a little confused in what to do however with your consultation I was put back on track, with both zoom and tele conferences all bases were covered in the requirements to move forward. The ongoing support you provide through zoom and tele conferencing is an invaluable tool. During your monthly meetings questions posed to you are always answered in depth and in very easy understanding responses which have helped me throughout my first 12 months, I can say unequivocally that my journey has been without any issues and has in my view been text book, I can also say this would not be the case if I didn’t have the on going support of your program, thank you.

I personally have found the monthly Zoom and Tele meetings to be a very integral part of the program, for me its a time to listen to others share their experiences and with that I will always learn from others different ways to help myself. These meeting bring together others with a common goal who share their experiences, and with that I can say there has not been a meeting where I have not taken something away to incorporate in my journey to keep me on track, this is infact a very invaluable tool for not only my journey but others, I have no doubt.

Thank you Barry Brown


Hi Helen

I wanted to give you my feedback that, I’m loving my 15 Kgs less body.  I think, one of the best things I have done in my journey of weight loss is, having you as my dietitian.  Your videos have been extremely helpful from the very first one, pre my gastric sleeve surgery to the last one, where you mention about vitamins and the amount of food to intake. The videos done by you are so much self explanatory. You have mentioned each and every thing about how the progression will take place. Anytime, I get stuck, I listen to your video for the stage, that I’m in at that moment.

Thanks very much for all the information provided, much appreciated!



Hi Helen

– the meeting we had with you presurgery was very informative. I found it a lot better being in a group rather than one on one. More so because others brought up questions that I hadn’t even thought of.  You let us know all of the information in a clear and easy to understand way and you were able to answer all of our questions and put my mind at rest that I was definitely doing the right thing for me.  I knew 100% that this would finally get me to where I wanted and needed to be. 

You also provided us with the booklet to take home to read with all the info we needed.  I used that as my bible every step of the way!!!

– The meetings are so necessary to us all on an ongoing basis.  The follow up support is crucial!!!   One minute you could feel on top of the world and the next you are doubting yourself because things hadn’t gone as you expected them to.

Especially a year down the track.  In the early months you need guidance on what to eat, what not to eat,  how much to eat,  when to eat it and when to drink. Later on,  it becomes a totally different dynamic. You know all of the above,  but the questions that run through your head are quite different, and are crucial to your ongoing success. You just need to connect with others,  ask your questions about stability, negative thoughts,  being able to eat more later on and how you worry about that,  and get the feedback needed.  Whether you’re heading in the right direction so keep going, or tricks and tips on what you need to do to get back or stay on track.  It can be a fine line.   If we don’t stay in touch with you and the group meetings,   your head can be your worst enemy. 

– I think just knowing you are there when needed is vital and the best bit about everything.  


Thanks Deb