Your Bariatric Clinic’s income is certainly limited by the number of surgical procedures you can personally perform as well as the total number the surgical team can perform.  This is then capped by the hospital availability.  I am sure your clinic would have noticed the drop during the COPVID restrictions.

This classic medical model is limited by the one on one interaction.  However when you transform this to an accompanying medical practice of, one to many, via group and online education which does the work for your team.  This does expand and diversifies your income from your medical practice and work.

However a number of factors could hold you back, some of these could include:

  • lack of technical knowledge to use the required software
  • insufficient counselling and practical education to support your weight loss surgery clients
  • lack of knowledge to automate the education on line

So where to from here?   Feel free to watch a 30minute presentation explaining every aspect of how an automated education coaching program can be built specifically for your clinics needs, completed in 4 weeks.  

This program online has the ability to completely do all the work or accompany and support your current allied health team in your team and not replace.  This is an opportunity to further improve your teams support to help retain your patients and achieve better retention and outcomes of medical and weight outcomes.